You don’t need to be a coding expert to join, says cybersecurity chief

SINGAPORE – You can’t Google what you don’t know – it’s something Ms. Charlene Soh, 30, appreciates in her job as a cybersecurity manager at the Center for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT).

“You have access to a lot of information that the private sector won’t get because it’s national security,” she said, adding that solutions can’t be found online because of the sensitive information involved.

“One of the unique things about working in the national defense industry (is that) the type of projects you do forces you to think harder and rely on your own skills.”

CSIT is the lead digital technology agency of the Ministry of Defence, which researches and creates digital products to meet Singapore’s national security needs.

They include finding cybersecurity vulnerabilities in computer systems and evaluating tools that can uncover them, which the team Ms. Soh leads does.

“And then we develop methodologies to identify areas of weakness so we can defend against cyber threats,” she said.

But you don’t have to be a coding expert to join CSIT, said Soh, who has worked at the center for seven years.

She would know because she was a Defense Science and Technology Agency scholar who studied pure math in college and had “pretty basic” coding knowledge until she joined CSIT. .

“A lot of my skills were learned on the job. We really have a very intensive and well-planned program.”

New employees can expect a six-month training program, opportunities to take external training courses and a designated mentor to ensure they have the skills required to do their job well.

She added: “At CSIT, it is quite common for us to do lateral moves to learn deep technical skills and then train your management and people development skills. »

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