Why starting your coding career with Python is a bad idea

Let’s review this article on how coding in Python could be bad for your career

Python has become one of the most emerging and influential programming languages ​​of recent times. Python is a computer programming language often used to create websites and software, automate tasks, and perform data analysis. Python is an interpreted programming language and is slow compared to C/C++ or Java

A coder works on different programming languages ​​like Python, Java, Swift, C#, R, etc. These programming languages ​​help create and run programs by providing instructions to the computer. It involves writing codes for software such as apps, websites, games, etc. Coding is a widely used high-level general-purpose programming language. It is widely used by developers in various fields, from web development to ML.

How a Python coding career could be bad:

Python coding is not a very good language, which means it is a weak programming language for mobile development. Python code is executed line by line, which slows it down. Workload is one of the most common virtues any coder should have. When it comes to coding and programming, it quickly increased the mental and physical workload.

As a python coder, coders are faced with many tasks such as front-end and back-end management, writing the right algorithm, executing codes, analyzing and testing codes, and hence developers become very irritated. There are some Python limitations with database access; it acts as a major hurdle when large enterprises seek a language that ensures smooth interaction of complex legacy data.

In Python, code is very vulnerable to becoming a mess when used to the fluidity that Python allows. There is no prescribed structure for a programming language to write inline code to put into functions. This makes coding difficult. The Python programming language is very insecure and can only be used at your own risk.

When coding in Python, chances are that his coding problems can be solved with a single Google search. Because someone will have encountered this problem before and written something useful about it. So there’s no creative thinking there.

The most annoying thing in Python is indentation, the use of blank areas near the beginning of lines of code, which characterizes the part of the program in which a line belongs. It’s not just how it recalls coding when “messy editing” new code. This reliance on space alone is perhaps dangerous, as it allows you to create sensitive bugs that are difficult to recognize.

Python coding faces several issues regarding the design of the programming language. This coding requires more testing and also has errors that only show up at runtime because the language is dynamically typed.

Python doesn’t have a compiler, which can simply run a Python program without the extra step of turning the code into an executable file. But in the long run, it acts like it’s less productive. Maybe Python encourages bad coding practices. Its Python coding is suitable for small applications but not for large ones. Most of the time, it is difficult to have career growth in coding.

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