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Shivram Choudhary

Understanding how to code and interpret all the various coding dialects can seem like a scary first, especially for young people who are just turning on! Fortunately, while it is usually difficult to master something “new”, there are many choices and a range of opportunities for every level of ability and experience.

Choosing the primary coding language for young people can be overwhelming. Let’s find out which one is the best programming language for your child. The push to teach children to code has grown rapidly, as the benefit of learning a coding language early is huge. Helping your child to choose the best language for him is essential to his success in proximity and, possibly, to his advantage in computer science.

What is a programming language?

  • A programming language is a special coded language used to transmit directives to a machine, usually a PC. Since machines work with a certain purpose in mind, programmers must use formal dialects when speaking with PCs and favoring programming programs, expressing calculations, or giving explicit directions.

    The better a developer understands any of these dialects (taking into account its linguistic structure and punctuation), the more likely they are to be willing to have the PC do precisely what they need in the most promptly.

Remember that while there are some things you can do to speed up interaction and learn programming quickly, moderately, it looks like different interests and works of art. Understanding how to code takes commitment and emphasis to achieve your goals. The first step, however, is to choose a language.


Great for getting to a web crowd

JavaScript is an object-oriented and procedural programming language that is used for front-end or customer-facing application, which means that its activities are carried out on the customer’s PC. The language is exceptionally well known, supported by many clients (and professions!), And is native to all Internet browsers. JavaScript is most often used to build mind-boggling and intelligent web applications.

However, their names seem comparative, Java and JavaScript are two completely different coding dialects.

Good for:

1. Children passionate about web development and design

2. Children who need to start learning the essentials of programming


Great for newcomers (and for adaptability!)

Python is considered one of the least demanding coding dialects to learn, to some extent due to the improved sentence structure and the emphasis on white space. Python requires fewer lines of code to start, so even hobbyists can start building quite quickly.

Organizations like Google and Disney use Python, and it’s extremely famous in logical areas, where people are researchers first and programmers second. This language can be used to promote computer games, web systems, and many logical and numerical computing projects. Python is amazing for young people, and is also flexible enough to be used in complex areas such as network protection and artificial reasoning (AI). Well, it’s an adaptable and amazing language!

Good for:

1. Children and young people who need to prepare their thoughts for action in a short time

2. Create an easy-to-read code that looks a lot like Standard English

3. Children eager to research logical domains, especially artificial intelligence.



Individuals regularly suggest focusing on the Feelings dialects, as they are all from a similar root language, and learning one of these dialects can make it easier to get acquainted with the others. Additionally, learning a programming language, similar to Java, can sometimes allow you to learn others faster and more efficiently.

Level of expertise

Understanding how to write in Spanish, which includes English-like order and language construction, is much simpler than understanding how to compose Japanese kanji, which incorporate a large number of new characters. Plus, learning a coding language like Python is amazing for newbies, as it’s easier to prepare for action without worrying too much about grammar.

Just choose!

Every once in a while, there isn’t a good idea of ​​what language your child should start using. How are you! Liners can incorporate important programming standards of any coding language, so you don’t have to worry about picking an unacceptable one. Assuming your kid enjoys coding, just let them start it all!

Give your child an inventive edge!

There are various motivations why children and youth should figure out how to code. Further develop your child’s computer reasoning skills and imagination. While this help should provide you with a good understanding of the programming dialects that are best suited for your child, remember that if all else fails, just choose! All of these dialects will help liners better understand programming standards and prepare for coding.

The writer is the founder Codevidhya.

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