Warp raises $17 million to upgrade coding terminal

Your memories of early computers probably involve the image of a large box with a keyboard and a small screen full of text with a blinking cursor. This interface is usually part of a shell which provides the command line or terminal used to tell a computer what to do. While computing has evolved towards intuitive graphical user interfaces that don’t require coding knowledge, the terminal is still the channel developers and software engineers use to build apps. Despite advances in almost every aspect of computers, this terminal hasn’t really changed in the last 40 years. Chain is on a mission to change that with its redesigned terminal experience that seamlessly integrates AI and the Cloud to meet today’s modern computing environment. Replacing the existing terminal which requires seemingly unlimited knowledge of commands without any guided assistance, Warp has built a full text editor with built-in search functionality as well as the ability to type what you are looking to do and the built-in AI will provide suggested commands to complete the task. The company also integrates other features similar to those of modern code editors directly into the terminal. By streamlining the development environment and making workflows shareable, the platform increases developer productivity. Under the hood, Warp is a fully native, GPU-accelerated, Rust-based terminal currently in public beta for Mac developers and currently free.

Alley Watch met the CEO of Warp Zach Lloyd to learn more about the company, the company’s strategic plans, the latest round of funding and much more…

Who were your investors and how much did you raise?

Warp announced its seed and Series A rounds, totaling $23 million from investors which include Dylan Field, GV, Jeff Weiner, Elad Gil, BoxGroup, Neoand others.

Tell us about the product or service offered by Warp.

Terminal is one of the two most widely used development tools, yet it hasn’t been significantly redesigned since the 70s. Warp is trying to revamp the terminal, bringing modern features with the cloud and the IA to a tool that almost all developers use.

What inspired the start of Warp?

I have 20 years of engineering experience, and even I wasn’t very good at terminal. I felt like the terminal was limiting my workflows instead of allowing me to do more.

How is Warp different?

We have a full-text editor where you enter developer commands, you can search for commands in Warp (without having to go to Google), it’s much faster and easier to read, and you can find commands if you don’t know the exact command by typing the command in natural language, and the AI ​​will match it

What market is Warp targeting and how big is it?

Warp could target every developer. Almost all software engineers use the terminal.

What is your business model?

Warp is currently free for all individual developers. We plan to build team, organization, and enterprise features and monetize them.

What are your post-COVID office plans?

We currently have a small office in New York. We plan to expand the New York office as the team grows.

How was the funding process?

Stressful but also exciting! It got me thinking about what Warp could one day become, which is very, very inspiring and exciting.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced when raising funds?

While we were raising capital, I had to think about the future of the business. But at the same time, the team and I had to relentlessly focus on the present and improve the product we had today.

What factors about your business made your investors sign the check?

Investors were really excited about the vision we had. It’s a tool that almost every software engineer uses, and it hasn’t been revamped since the 70s. If we do it right, we can impact almost every software developer on the planet. It’s huge.

Investors were really excited about the vision we had. It’s a tool that almost every software engineer uses, and it hasn’t been revamped since the 70s. If we do it right, we can impact almost every software developer on the planet. It’s huge.

What milestones do you expect to achieve over the next six months?

We hope to significantly increase the number of daily active users and start testing some features with teams.

What advice can you give to New York businesses that don’t have a fresh injection of capital into the bank?

Persevere! Before we put together our A-series, we had an incredible team that believed in our vision and what Warp could one day be. Lean on your team and remember why you started in the first place.

Where do you see the business going now in the short term?

We plan to continue developing our product, focusing on accessibility and ensuring that when developers change, they can perform their normal workflows in Warp. We also plan to expand the team, which is super exciting.

What’s your favorite outdoor restaurant in New York?


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