Udacity partners with HackerEarth to seek coding talent for its Android Nanodegree scholarship

Massive Open Online Course Provider Focused on Software Development Udacity has partnered with competitive coding platform HackerEarth to expand its scholarship program, which offers a full scholarship to its Nanodegree courses in partnership with Google and Tata Trusts.

The cost of the Nanodegré program is Rs. 9,800 per month. Udacity has a cash back program in which it pays 50% back to the student if they complete the Nanodegré program within 12 months.

The Nanodegree program is open to intermediate Java developers with limited experience on mobile platforms to emerge as an Android developer. HackerEarth will help Udacity identify developers worthy of scholarships, through a programming challenge hosted on its website.

“There are a thousand scholarships in total that they have sponsored, and we have a few scholarships left to award. We have identified that HackerEarth has one of the largest pools of skilled developers active in learning and competing – and evaluating them would be a much better way to reach qualified applicants for this type of scholarship, than trying to do it in an organic material, ”said Vardhan Koshal, Country Manager, India at Udacity in a phone conversation with 360 gadgets.

The program has been running for the past two months and around 300 slots are still available, Koshal said. “These are to be filled with scholarships for Android students, whether they come from HackerEarth or through the direct channels. We are open to filling any niche with HackerEarth,” he added.

Once the online test is complete, applicants will then be interviewed by partners designated by Google. Those who pass these two hurdles will receive the scholarships. Judges will select winners based on academic performance, presentation of previous work, a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, and individual interviews.

“These Nanodegrés are quite elitist and they can help a user to become a full-fledged Android developer. The goal is to identify applicants who have basic Android programming skills and then deploy the degrees to them,” said Sachin Gupta, CEO and Founder, HackerEarth. “We’re going to target those that we know are good – but to maintain the standard process and consistency, we’re asking the user to do a little Java test on our platform. If they qualify, then there is a selection process, “he added.

E-commerce giant Flipkart recently named three nominations to its mobile development team from a pool of candidates shortlisted by Udacity.

Founded in 2011, Udacity offers massive open online courses focused on software development, with its “Nanodegree” programs developed in collaboration with tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Nvidia.

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