Times of India launches Codingbee season 2 – India’s Coding Heroes, a gateway to ideas and innovation

World television has seen championships based on general culture, mastery of current events, calculations and even memorization of spelling. With the advent of digital transformation, the nature of these competitions has changed with increasing exposure to technology. Coding is a must in the modern skill set and especially for young children, a requirement that is innovatively supported by CodingBee.

CodingBee Season 2: Indian coding heroes

The second season enters new and exciting spheres with teamwork as the theme. The 4-month-long event will navigate through self-study for students, rounds of skill testing, team building with other participants, expert mentoring and finally conclude with a televised finale as a climax. By registering for free, students will have access to academic resources that will promote self-learning coding. Students will be able to put their coding skills and skills to the test in the MCQ round and continue to form teams with other participants in the team building stage. The mentoring program of this championship will allow students to steer their ideas in the right direction under the guidance of experts. The winning teams will get a spot in the television broadcast of the CodingBee – India’s Coding Heroes TV final. The exciting price list includes laptops, smartwatches, 3D printers, and an exclusive personal robot.


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The CodingBee initiative

Coding as a journey for children, accessible and conducive to advanced learning on the way to a digital future, is at the heart of this Makebot initiative. According to Amit Verma, Director and CEO of Makebot, “CodingBee drives innovation from an early age. Coding as a skill is a prerequisite for these days, it is part of the school curriculum and is garnering more attention and interest than ever before. We make coding an accessible, daily and engaging concept with this championship. Cognitive advancement, problem-solving eye, analytical reasoning are all applied in real life situations and beyond, the teachings of coding are plentiful. And at CodingBee, every child has benefited.

Krishna Singh, CMD and promoter of parent company GlobalSpace Technologies, shared the values ​​of innovation-driven learning: “We hope to bring exposure to students, outside of a traditional academic program in the country. With the response we have received, the ideas we have had the opportunity to see, I am convinced that this competition will serve as a basis for great innovations in the country.

Experts speak

Many educators from across the country have been drawn to this futuristic championship that drives the innovation that is CodingBee. Ms. Revathi Srinivasan- Director- Education & Principal, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane said: “The Times Of India CodingBee is a platform that encourages new age learning, opening up a plethora of opportunities for students who wish to embrace this digital life by creating something new and d ‘unexplored. It is accompanied by a complete learning cycle of acquiring knowledge, applying and presenting their innovations. CodingBee provides each student with a platform to learn something new in a collaborative structure, helping them develop life skills in the process. A very good initiative which is the need of the hour.

3rd creation

Mr. Brijesh Karia-COO of Singhania Education Services Ltd said, “Singhania Quest + is extremely pleased to be the Knowledge Partner of CodingBee. In this digital age, an initiative like CodingBee is the need of the hour. It opens up various avenues for students in the field of technology. As this is a collaborative journey, students can explore, learn, and build their applications while learning coding skills. It is time for our current generation to become innovators and not consumers of existing technology. This platform allows all children to innovate and show their creativity ”.

CodingBee – SEASON 1 Winners

The first season ended with the novelty of the ideas and the breadth of the responses, both overwhelming and amazing in nature. DAV’s BedantaAcharjee. Public School, Barrackpore, Siddharth Kumar Gopal of St Thomas Boarding School, Arnav Vashisth of GD Goenka Public School, Anisha Deona Lobo of ST Aloysius Gonzaga, Parth Satish Warade of New India School, Pune, Purven Anupam Bhavsar of Akshara High School, DhyanRajani from Podar International School (IB & CIE), Santacruz, Mumbai and Manas Garg from Sangam School Of Excellence were all winners in their respective course categories. In season 1.

Coding offers a plethora of benefits for school children; Like improving cognitive and problem-solving skills, improving logical reasoning skills, and instilling an analytical approach to problems, the list goes on. And because of all of these characteristics, coding has become a staple skill of the 21st century and now features in educational curricula as well. The Times of India, CodingBee – India’s Coding Heroes, serves as a platform where coding as a topic is accessible and fun, and where one can learn and test one’s skills immediately. CodingBee offers absolutely free learning materials and modules, complete with books and video learning resources, with the goal of initiating self-learning coding in children in Grades 3 to 12.

Students can click here to register for FREE.

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of Makebot by the Times Internet Spotlight team.

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