Teachers of deaf students learn to code

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) and its Future Skills For All (FS4A) program partners provide coding training for teachers at the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD).

This will equip teachers with the skills to teach deaf students in order to prepare them for future employment.

Digi distributed sets of micro: bits to MFDs to facilitate training.

This pilot initiative helps the telecommunications company to better assess the needs of the deaf community and to develop a more inclusive range of existing FS4A modules.

FS4A is a free educational platform that makes learning digital skills accessible to schoolchildren.

To begin with, sign language interpretation will be integrated into basic computer video modules and possibly extended to other modules gradually.

Some of the coding terms that are new to the Deaf community will be creatively interpreted outside of the spelling of the terms.

Digi’s chief sustainability officer, Philip Ling, said the collaboration is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to reducing the inequalities facing underserved communities.

“As the future workforce becomes increasingly digital, coding is an invaluable asset for students with which they must be equipped from an early age.

“This initiative allows us to make coding more accessible to deaf students.

“We are inviting more like-minded entities to partner with us to create an inclusive environment for children to continue their digital learning and development,” he added.

In line with the phone company’s Yellow Heart commitment to enhance digital inclusion and empower society, the FS4A program is a joint initiative of Arus Academy, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, Ministry of Education and the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Recently, FS4A launched a #BolehCode campaign to engage schoolchildren in coding through contests, school vacation programs, workshops, and video series in addition to certification programs.

Digi has also strived to make learning materials and tutorials accessible to everyone in multiple languages ​​in addition to sign language.

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