STEMROBO Launches Innovation Lab to Virtually Deliver STEAM, Robotics, AI, Coding and 21st Century Skills to Schools

In line with its aim to reach the masses across the globe and help students hone their STEM education skills, Noida-based edtech startup STEMROBO Technologies has established Nation’s first Tinker Studio, a virtual innovation at its own head office in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Knowing no boundaries, this innovative lab is designed in such a way that students will get the same vibe of school just by sitting at home and through live streaming they will be trained in artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, etc. the skills of the digital age theoretically and practically.

The creation of an in-house virtual lab is a forward-thinking project that aims to solve the challenges faced by millions of students. During the Covid-19 pandemic, schools were closed, as were DIY labs, as a result students were unable to foster original thinking and improve their skills in coding, AI, etc. Through this innovation lab, STEMROBO merges its physical reach and last-mile delivery to reach even the most remote part of the country where schools are not on par with those in urban cities, helping to change the landscape of traditional education ecosystem in India.

With the availability of Tinker Studio, schools in remote areas could also reap the benefits of innovative online learning. With a steadfast team of 20 engineers, Tinker Studio will deliver and deliver innovative content and projects and further drive knowledge sharing through unique kits and hardware infrastructure.

At the launch of Tinker Studio, Anurag Gupta, co-founder of STEMROBO Technologies, said, “The goal of this lab is to provide students with hands-on experience and help them develop skills such as cognitive thinking and decision making. decision. Tinker Studio would be able to reach students, schools and stakeholders around the world through live streaming of interactive and engaging learning sessions. »

“We strongly believe in hands-on experience because it provides a clearer picture of students’ concepts, enabling them to tackle real challenges and prepare for the future. We have more than 1,800 schools associated with us, and we are recently hosting live sessions from the lab on different topics, technologies and doubt sessions for students, educators and parents,” he added.


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