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Linux underpins most modern systems in some way, so learning how to get the most out of it offers IT professionals a way to advance their careers and get the most out of their tools. The Linux and Docker coding bundle helps you update your Linux knowledge at your own pace.

Each course is taught by the Coding Gears team. Founded to provide in-depth, self-paced courses on technical topics, the Coding Gears team are both professional instructors with years of experience and IT professionals who have spent a lot of time with Linux in the part of their daily to-do list. The courses build on both to provide a realistic look at the complex subject of Linux.

If you’re new to Linux, or just haven’t used a command line in a while, the set starts with an overview of the Command Line Interface (CLI) with live Linux labs for practice common commands and solve common problems. The bundle then transitions to Bash Shell scripting, Linux’s method of automating tasks by core, so you can focus on other work.

Next, you’ll dive deep into Secure Shell (SSH) which is used to securely operate devices on an insecure network, and study PuTTY, which initiates and configures SSH sessions with minimal hassle. This continues with a course on Docker, an ideal tool for system administrators and others who need to configure entire machines with automated tools.

Finally, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of YAML, a data serialization language that allows you to make data portable and readable for machines and humans quickly and easily. All of these courses lay the foundation for further study elsewhere.

A solid knowledge of Linux can provide more efficiency and more opportunities for growth in your IT career. The Linux & Docker Coding Bundle shows you the way to that growth for $15, 98% off the MSRP of $1,200.

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