Scratch and Python Coding Course Reviews (OneSanta Course)

Singapore-based OneSanta is a leading online learning center where young academics can get Python coding material through the internet. The hub works on the premise that each child has a unique learning ability.

Thanks to this learning platform, four to thirteen year olds have the opportunity to review python coding documents from anywhere and anytime. The advantage of this platform is that young apprentices can do it at their own pace.

Students are also able to review and review previous chapters. Since its inception, OneSanta has prided itself on having the best teachers, each with extensive tutoring experience.

Teachers at the center guide learners with textbooks, continuous assessments and articles from previous years. All learning materials used at the center conform to those provided by the Ministry of Education.

Teachers are made available within twenty-four hours to assist students who may have encountered a difficult question. Help is provided to learners using a proprietary messaging platform, only available to learners.

The dedication and strong commitment of teachers means that students will always have access to help whenever they need it. As technology evolves, there is no choice but to evolve with learning and lifestyle preferences.

OneSanta teams seek to leverage advancements in the technology industry to provide students with a whole new experience, accessibility, and greater convenience.

What is coding for kids?

Coding for kids refers to a set of opportunities which allows the little ones to embark on their journey to become coders. These are opportunities that were designed to be fun and are, in many cases, fun to keep kids engaged.

Coding is also known as “programming” or “computer programming”. However, it may seem complex to try to imagine a four year old writing a computer program, coding for children has become a reality.

And this is mainly due to the many after-school coding programs, tutors, summer camps and newly created websites. All of this helped make the coding more digestible and less scary than it initially was.

At OneSanta, kids start to learn the why before moving on to the benefits of coding and defining the different terms used when writing code. Over time, they study examples before embarking on their journey to become full-fledged Python coders.

Python has been considered the best coding language for kids because it uses easy-to-read code that is easily understood by beginners of all ages.

Why learn coding at OneSanta?

OneSanta is a center of learning where education meets and interacts with technology. OneSanta takes advantage of technology to help provide a better and more convenient learning experience for students.

Here are some of the top reasons every parent should consider enrolling their children in this online learning center:

A new way to learn

Are your kids bored with the conventional learning method? Why not have them try something new and revolutionary? OneSanta offers a unique interactive online learning system that is sure to be of interest to all students. The platform also helps to simplify the whole learning process.

Up-to-date learning materials

In addition to browsing through the available course materials, learning also includes materials from the previous year and ongoing assessments. The course materials used were configured in accordance with MOE standards and curriculum.

Flexible eLearning platform

Online videos have been provided to ensure that each student learns at their preferred pace. Using the videos, students can review any chapters they like without any form of limitation. The videos will make it easier for them to revise for their exams.

Direct messaging platform

While the videos are helpful, they may not answer all the burning questions. The integrated messaging platform allows students to post queries they have encountered in class. A tutor will be available to answer any questions raised by the student within twenty-four hours.

Learn on the go

Does your child spend a lot of time getting to and from school? Why not make it easier for them to review by accessing the integrated webcast? Since most students now have access to laptops and smartphones, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to watch and follow educational videos from any location.

Qualified professional tutors

All teachers offering python coding courses at OneSanta have extensive teaching and tutoring experience.

OneSanta Scratch and Python Coding Course Price

Students have access to all coding lessons offered on this online learning program. The coding courses offered by OneSanta allow each student to develop problem-solving skills as well as logical thinking.

Currently, two main courses are offered:

OneSanta aims to provide each student with affordable training and a tailor-made program tailored to the needs of each student. After taking the courses offered, the student should be able to understand basic computer science concepts.

In addition, they should have developed essential digital literacy skills needed to tackle complex real-world problems. Items included in the Scratch & Python Coding Course (Singapore version) include:

  • Basic scratch
  • Advanced scratch
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Python

All coding instructors working at OneSanta are registered and certified by the Department of Education. Hence, they have received the necessary accreditation to offer coding courses in schools in Singapore.

Python coding courses are available for an annual fee of $ 60, with a three-day free trial for kids ages four to thirteen.

To contact the company, customers can email or telephone the following address:

  • Phone: + 65 81697330
  • Email:

Conclusion of the Scratch and Python coding course

As technology evolves and becomes more and more tied to everyday life, it becomes more and more essential for people to learn to code. As it stands, there is no better time to learn a Python programming language than when you are young.

Besides helping to keep children’s minds engaged, coding has many other benefits, such as helping children develop logical thinking skills. Moreover, he Provides them with a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships and looking for work.

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