Process and control today | Clearmark’s coding solution, the perfect mix for roasters

A comprehensive coding upgrade project by Clearmark Solutions has enabled coffee roasters Lincoln & York Ltd to increase production efficiency by up to 25% at their Lincolnshire headquarters. By replacing old 12-line coding equipment with Zodiac ICE thermal transfer overprinters from Clearmark, Lincoln & York can now quickly create and modify labels, allowing them to reduce changeover time between batches and reduce waste caused by human error.

As one of the UK’s largest coffee roasting companies, Lincoln & York sources, roasts and packages coffee for businesses in the out-of-home catering, retail and retail markets. specialist retail in the UK and Europe. A privately-owned company with over 27 years’ experience, it roasts enough coffee every day at its British Retail Consortium AA-rated roastery in Brigg, North Lincolnshire, to make 1,500,000 cups.

After experiencing rapid growth, Lincoln & York sought to replace its aging coding equipment with a more reliable and flexible solution in an effort to increase uptime and deliver higher quality prints. She contacted coding and labeling specialists Clearmark Solutions, who assessed the existing coding infrastructure and found that, in addition to more modern coding equipment, the company would also benefit from upgraded software to allow him to create and edit labels faster and more efficiently. As Lincoln & York works with a range of suppliers and retailers, Clearmark recommended ICE flexible thermal transfer technology combined with CLARiSOFT™ label design software.

The project saw Clearmark replace all existing coding equipment on 12 of Lincoln & York’s lines with ICE Zodiac thermal transfer printers. This allows codes to be printed more efficiently on a range of flexible substrates, in a variety of colors, at the different speeds required. Flexible enough to print dates in any format or size, and in any Windows TrueType font, their superior ribbon capacity means less downtime for ribbon changes, reducing waste and increasing efficiency. production efficiency up to 25%. Additionally, CLARiSOFT™ labeling software installed on each line allows operators to quickly create and modify label designs for a growing number of customers. Its built-in label error prevention feature provides additional assurance, helping to further reduce waste.

Each ICE machine includes an intuitive, error-proof touch screen, making operator training simple. Clearmark also provided comprehensive one-on-one ICE product training to two operators from Lincoln and York at its Nottingham training centre.

The Clearmark solution is a significant improvement over legacy Lincoln & York equipment, which impacted availability. To ensure its durability in the face of future business changes, it has been designed with flexibility in mind, allowing Lincoln & York to meet current and future customer demand without any risk to reliability or print quality. .

“It is essential that we are able to modify the design of our labels as quickly as possible to meet the increasing requirements of suppliers. The ICE Zodiacs allow us to do this efficiently without any impact on production,” says Marc Rockall, director of engineering at Lincoln & York.

“The Clearmark team are much more reliable than our previous supplier and are only a phone call away if we have any issues, helping us get back up and running as quickly as possible.”

With the responsive support provided by Clearmark and the continued efficiency and reliability of the systems, Lincoln & York plans to expand its range of ICE technologies as the business grows.

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