Noel Bromley Workshop teaches kids coding

A new Christmas workshop taking place in Bromley in December aims to turn love of digital technology into practical skills by teaching children to code.

Project Code Ninjas runs basic coding lessons for kids in the UK and North America, and recently announced it is taking the franchise to South East London for a limited time during the holiday season. .

Between December 20 and 23, Code Ninjas Bromley will offer fun and engaging coding lessons, ranging from game creation and STEM skill development to hands-on robotics work that kids can then play with family and friends. at home.

Designed for children aged 7 to 14, the projects aim to strengthen key computer and STEM skills that could prove useful later in life, especially at a time when STEM (science, technology, engineering) subjects and mathematics) are much sought after and needed. in the UK and around the world.

The company was started by businessman and father of two, Pow Ku, who pointed out how children’s passion for video games could be redirected towards education outside of the classroom environment more typical.

“I’ve known for some time now how good coding can be for children’s development and their long-term prospects, so when I was looking for a coding school to send my daughter to, I was disappointed not to. find one nearby. ” he said. “So I took matters into my own hands by starting my own coding studio. I now look forward to giving local children the chance to learn skills that will give them a great advantage in life, besides being something that offers an alternative to traditional extracurricular activities. ”

“My main priority is to make sure that we increase the self-confidence of our students,” he added. “I think it is so important that our lessons are face to face but different from a classroom environment, ensuring that children know they are there for fun instead of mimicking the feeling of their day. ‘standard school … Coding helps children develop critical thinking such as thinking outside the box and also how to approach problems in a certain way … The more I talk about it, the more I realize how much it could to be an amazing thing for the Bromley children. ”

For more information on Code Ninjas Winter Camp at Bromley, click here.

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