New research finds orthopedic surgeons are under pressure from documentation and coding requirements

BERKELEY, Calif., April 11, 2022, /PRNewswire/ — Four in five orthopedic surgeons (80%) believe that taking medical notes interferes with their interactions with patients, according to a new quantitative study published by Robin Healthcare. The research also found that 71% of orthopedic physicians believe that medical coding creates friction in the effective practice of medicine. The study, conducted in the United States, using the Kantar Profiles Healthcare Panel, reveals specific concerns related to how increased medical documentation and coding requirements directly and negatively influence physicians’ ability to focus on the patient and provide the quality of care they want.

The research also found that more than 73% of orthopedic doctors report taking work home because they have to fill out notes and paperwork. Although the majority of orthopedic physicians surveyed would welcome technology and transcription to support their documentation efforts, trusting these services to provide accurate and timely notes that reflect their specialty and practice are key considerations for these physicians.

“The challenge with each of these review technologies is ensuring that their documentation and coding provides the highest level of accuracy. Orthopedics in particular is seeing increasing complexity for in-office coding,” said Emilio Galan, CEO of Robin Healthcare. “Technology that provides high-fidelity ambient capture of patient encounters to provide an unprecedented level of accuracy in orthopedic notes and codes is having a direct and measurable influence on patient care.”

Robin technology has created medical notes and complete codes for over a million orthopedic visits in United States. Orthopedic doctors using Robin have seen a reduction in administrative burden and a significant improvement in doctor/patient interactions.

Robin’s research, via a web interface, was conducted in February 2022 and studied 300 physicians who were MDs or DOs and members of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons.

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