murtaza: Murtaza dabbled in coding and apps to send ‘jihad’ messages | Lucknow News

Lucknow: IIT-Bombay graduate Murtaza Abbasi, who was arrested for attacking provincial armed jawans at Gorakhnath Temple, tried his hand at coding and advanced computer programming for encrypted communication with individuals, qu he sought to indoctrinate in ‘jihad’ for what he called ‘revenge’. injustice towards minorities”. Murtaza lamented that he couldn’t study computer science while at IIT and was forced to pursue a degree in chemical engineering.
An ATS officer with knowledge of Murtaza’s interrogation said IITian was very clear about its intention to master coding and app design to spread its radical thoughts among minority youth. During his interrogation, Murtaza, presented as an “ISIS-inspired lone wolf”, kept repeating that he was disturbed by the injustice inflicted on minorities in India.
ATS is also investigating his high-value financial dealings in accounts in the Gulf and trying to blackmail him into plans to fly to Canada this month. Did he have handlers abroad and who should he meet? These questions were put to him during the marathon interrogation at the ATS headquarters in Lucknow on Friday. According to another source, the videos of Murtaza on the day of the attack were analyzed by a team of psychological experts. “In one image Murtaza is heard asking the PAC jawans to shoot him,” he said. His father, Munir, was summoned to Lucknow and interrogated all day. Other members of his family will also be grilled, sources said.
And with an investigation also straddling West and South India, ATS teams are in contact with Maharashtra ATS and Tamil Nadu Police to scan profiles of acquaintances and contacts of Murtaza in these cities.
Additional Police Director General Prashant Kumar said the investigation was continuing but the wider conspiratorial angle behind the temple attack was worked out by the ATS.

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