Mastery Coding X Lab Midwest

Los Angeles, California, November 17, 2021 – ( – Mastery Coding is delighted to announce a new partnership between Mastery Coding and Lab Midwest. Mastery Coding CEO and Founder Alan Sitomer and LAB Midwest President Matthew Kirchner officially announced the partnership on October 29, in the latest edition of Lab Midwest’s Webinar podcast on Wednesday.

According to Matthew Kirchner, earlier this year LAB Midwest assembled a team to “look for spaces where we thought we could do more in education and try to find partners who can help us do more. I am proud to announce today that, thanks to a lot of hard work … we have found the right partner, ”said Kirchner.

LAB Midwest is the Midwest’s largest value-added distributor of curriculum, e-learning and hands-on training equipment for advanced manufacturing, engineering and the skilled trades. They work with schools and employers to create incredible training labs to equip students and employees with the skills needed to be successful in the industrial sector. LAB Midwest provides an unrivaled distribution of online learning and training equipment in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Upper Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Alan Sitomer, winner of the California Teacher of the Year award, author and educator with over 20 years of experience, said that “literacy is the way to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.” He went on to say that a “democratization of the curriculum” means computer science is included in the same category as English, science, history and math. “The secret sauce,” Sitomer explained, is “to meet kids where they are and tap into their passions. School districts across the United States are in critical need of SAL, fairness, professional development. and tools to mitigate learning loss.That’s why Mastery Coding strives to provide standards-based computer science, esports, and STEM degree programs that combine critical thinking with project-based learning , all of which lead to industry-based certifications, all available in a remote environment.

Learn more about the partnership by watching the full webinar recording on LAB Midwest’s Youtube channel

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