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The end-of-year school holidays are finally here, and it’s the perfect opportunity for kiddos to try out different activities that can help them improve.

For example, the daughter of radio DJ Jamie Yeo tried her hand at coding using Swift Playgrounds online with Apple Creatives.

If your child hasn’t joined any school vacation camps yet, take the opportunity to participate in three sessions with Apple Creatives until December 31! Learn coding basics and more using Swift Playgrounds Online on an iPad or Mac.

To learn more about why you should consider coding a new skill to teach your little one, the Asian parent reached out to famous mom Jamie Yeo and her daughter, Aly, who joined the sessions.

Jamie Yeo and Daughter Share Fun Experience With Swift Playgrounds Online


While Aly attended the sessions, Jamie admits she was doing other work and “let her do it.”

This was no problem as Aly apparently enjoyed and learned enough that she could do more coding later that evening after class.

“It was great to see her continue on her own with Swift Playgrounds,” Jamie told the Asian parent.

She continues to share, “The point of the education classes for children is that we parents can leave it up to the experts to teach them. The session however was very interactive and Aly didn’t seem to have a problem following it. . “

Little Aly, who joined the sessions in hopes that she “will create an app that everyone will love someday,” even says she didn’t find anything difficult to learn to code. She said, “It was easy to understand because it was well explained.”

When asked if she would recommend Swift Playgrounds to other parents and their children, Jamie responded enthusiastically, “Yes! It’s so easy to use, especially when combined with an iPad. It really offers a great experience and makes it easy to learn coding. “

Virtual sessions for children to learn to code with Apple creations

PHOTO: apple

1. Virtual session for children: Learn to code 1

Have your little one learn to use coding in their daily life through fun and engaging activities using Swift Playgrounds online.

For this session, children will be introduced to commands, functions and even learn to write lines of code.

For children 8 to 12 years old

Duration: 60 minutes

2. Virtual session for children: Learn to code 2

Children will then be guided by Apple Creatives to develop the basic skills they learned in the first session.

Here they will discover puzzles and practical challenges to discover new concepts such as conditional code, loops and variables.

For children 8 to 12 years old

Duration: 60 minutes

3. Virtual session for children: Lights, camera, code

Using an iPad, kids will use their basic understanding of coding with Swift Playgrounds to create a camera and take photos.

That’s right, your little coder will learn to create and connect camera components using – of course – code!

For children 8 to 12 years old

Duration: 60 minutes

For even more creative projects, you can also download Apple’s free activity guide.

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