“Hour of Coding” at New Emerson Elementary

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) – Schools around the world, including Mesa County Valley School District 51, are participating in “Hour of Code,” a global computer science initiative.

“S for science, T for technology, E for engineering and M for math,” said Julia Stephen. Julia is a third-grade student at New Emerson School, where this week she and her classmates are participating in “Hour of the Code.”

“Hour of Code” is a global event where the school from around the world aims to educate students about IT and raise awareness of the importance of STEM related professions.

“Basically the idea is how to teach kids to code from an early age, because they know it is so important for people to know how to code and so when you are learning when you are young; you know how to do it all your life, and that’s actually a big advantage in the job market, ”said Emily Shockley, public information officer at D51. Shockley says students are enjoying this specific week of their STEM education.

“So we code robots,” Julia said. “I thought it was really fun! She exclaimed.

According to Shockley, the goal is to make these coding lessons fun and educational. “It’s not like you’re sitting in a dark room at a computer just – you know, typing things. In fact, you are having fun with your whole class. Sometimes you code robots like you saw today in New Emerson, ”she explained.

Another student, Luke Bagley, believes learning to code will help him in the future. “When you get older and have a job. It will help you, ”he said.

The Hour of Code program is designed to prove that anyone can learn computer basics. “’Hour of Code’ is a great introduction to coding for students who may not have had the chance,” Shockley explained.

The program also encourages more students to pursue careers in this field. “If you know how to code, you can change the world! Julia exclaimed.

D51 has been providing computer education to students for several years. This year, around 11 schools implemented STEM programs.

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