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Third-Party Analytics Illustrates How Developers Learn Quickly in Real-Life Training Exercises

PITTSBURGH, Pa./ACCESWIRE/May 5, 2022/ HackEDUa global provider of unparalleled secure coding training for developers, today announced the release of its Secure Coding Report: Injection Vulnerabilities which is now available for everyone to download.

The document offers practical steps for development teams to implement security-focused approaches for their teams, with a particular focus on addressing injection vulnerabilities that continually top the list of threats in the OWASP. Faced with a need to create software at an ever-increasing pace, developers find themselves in the midst of seemingly endless cyberattacks, but an academic and continuing education environment that has traditionally lacked an emphasis on security at the fundamental to creating software.

HackEDU partnered with Derek Brink, VP and Researcher at Aberdeen Strategy and Research, to analyze the results of HackEDU’s secure coding training to provide insights into the effectiveness of a security-first approach.

Brink discusses the benefits of adopting DevSecOps and the associated left-shift approach that prioritizes application security testing much earlier in the software development phase. He also notes that a significant number of developers initially lacked the necessary secure coding training, but achieved extremely favorable results after HackEDU training.

Injection Vulnerability Training Analysis

Brink reviewed six HackEDU courses in the injection vulnerabilities category to share the true value of secure coding training and proactively avoiding web application flaws rather than fixing them later. Analyzing nearly 140,000 exercises performed by developers on this topic over the past 12 months, he found:

  • 45% of developers were 100% successful on their first attempt at injection vulnerability courses
  • 93% of developers successfully acquired the skills and were able to fix injection vulnerabilities and protect their organizations from data breaches related to this source
  • 93% were also able to find and fix SQLi after less than 10 minutes of training – highlighting how easily a critical and pervasive flaw can be fixed

“Analysis of results from HackEDU exercises with tens of thousands of developers has shown that it is possible to have a huge impact in a short time with training that is not only effective but also consistently adopted by developers. keep going,” Brink said. “Training in secure coding combined with an optimal delivery method – as HackEDU has demonstrated – is a powerful combination for application security, allowing a focus on prevention rather than the traditional and more expensive focus. on patches.”

HackEDU’s training is designed for organizations looking for a continuing education program that can automatically adapt to software vulnerabilities and also adopts proven learning science principles that promote learning engagement and retention . To download the report, Click here.

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HackEDU offers interactive secure coding training that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Our offensive + defensive lessons, science-based approach, and DevSecOps toolchain integrations help motivate developers, keep them engaged, and effectively learn and retain secure coding principles. To visit www.hackedu.com.

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