From charcoal to coding: the inspiring story of the Ballywilliam man

A Co Wexford man who has made the switch from working in a coal yard to coding, recommends a return to school for any adult keen on a career change. To help interested adults get a fresh start in January, the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) is hosting a Springboard & Part-time Winter Open virtual party on Tuesday, November 23, from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. to coincide with its part-time. January classes open to applications. One of the courses currently being applied for is a fully online IT conversion course run by WIT that helps fill vacancies in the tech industry.

The two-year fully online part-time Graduate Diploma in Computer Science is heavily subsidized by Springboard +, making it an attractive option for those looking to change careers.

Participation is free for those returning to work and the course is 90 percent funded for those who are already employed.

Michael Kelly, from Ballywilliam, worked as an attendant in a coal farm before starting a full-time three-year BSc in Information Technology at WIT. His motivation to go back to school was to give his family a better life by doing something he loved.
After graduation he worked for a small start-up Veri, where he worked on application prototyping. The coding of the online computer program caught his attention.
“I went back to college to take the course I am currently taking and while taking this course I had two sons, Michael and Max with fiancee Sarah. When Michael was born he was very sick so I put off a year and went back to class where I got back to doing what I love and that is coding.

Getting a graduate degree in computer science is a smart move for anyone, but an even better choice would be to pursue it with WIT, Michael said. “The program is so interesting with web design, programming, 1 + 2 ICT skills. Databases and application development is a coder’s dream,” he says.
The support of the people behind the courses stands out, for Michael. “There are no words to describe the support you receive to get a work placement and just general help with the course. Everyone involved goes beyond the line of duty to help you. That’s why WIT and its staff are the elite.
Michael recently received a full-time job offer at a company called FundRecs that creates reconciliation software for funds.

industry. “It’s just an amazing place to work and with amazing people. My permanent full time job will start when I finish my internship for this course,” he says. a previous life. “
Course leader Eamonn de Leastar explains that the course is designed to enable graduates in disciplines other than IT to acquire the skills, expertise and practical experience necessary to become a software developer, while by keeping their current “daily work”.
“Programming is a wonderfully creative field with a wide range of opportunities. Our course is an intensive yet rewarding experience that allows participants to hone their skills as software developers in 24 months. There are currently several hundred thousand ICT vacancies in Europe – and demand continues to grow. The course was created with a strong industry contribution in 2011 and went fully online in 2018. No prior computer knowledge is assumed.
Interested applicants can find out more at Program requests and admission details to Joan Mangan, Program / Placement Coordinator Email: [email protected], Phone: +35351 302849
Prospective students can try the first weeks of the course for free at –

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