“Coding helps students think innovatively”

The Bridge Nigeria said coding helps learners think innovatively.

A statement released Thursday said that Bridge students in Nigeria joined with other learners around the world in celebrating the Hour of Code initiative.

He explained that the Hour of Code initiative, a global effort, was aimed at learning the basics of coding in an exciting and creative way and providing students with a foundation for success in any career path of the 21st century.

Bridge Nigeria Academic Officer Ezinne Tochie-Asogwa said technology has become an important part of today’s society, adding that computer literacy is becoming an essential skill that would be needed to survive in the world. new normal.

Ezinne added that the ability of Bridge students to succeed in a world surrounded by technology would depend on their proficiency in the effective use of computer programs.

“The Hour of Code initiative helps our students discover new ways of thinking and expressing themselves through programming.

“This is not the first time that Bridge students have impressed us with their coding skills. In 2017, Sophie Irozuru from Bridge Academy in Ikorodu gave a talk at the PyCon conference in Lagos on her knowledge of Python – a computer programming language, ”she said.

Code.org chief executive officer Hadi Partovi said Hour of Code was created to engage students in computer science and shatter stereotypes to show that anyone can learn it.

“Even without a computer, these Bridge students explored the concepts of computational thinking and learned more about their potential. They are about to change their future and that of Nigeria. We are happy to have them as a partner, ”he added.

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