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The man took to LinkedIn to share how he joined a coding class while working as a delivery boy.

Some stories shared on the internet are inspiring and show how determination can help someone achieve their goals. Just like this story of Shaik Abdul Sathar which has become a source of motivation for many. He posted his story on LinkedIn to share his journey from delivery guy to software engineer.

He posted a detailed description as well as a photo to share about his trip. “I am a delivery man with a dream. Ola, Swiggy, Uber, Rapido, Zomato. I was everywhere since the last year of college. I wanted to contribute financially as soon as possible. Because my father is under contract. So we only had enough money to get by,” he explained. Then he posted how he initially got interested in coding after taking a “casual tip” from a friend. The rest of the post documents how he slowly started learning to code and eventually landed a job as a software engineer.

Take a look at the post:

The post was shared two days ago. Since going live, the share has racked up nearly 76,000 reactions and the numbers are only growing. The post also prompted people to share various comments of appreciation.

“Congratulations! Bro. Can you please also share some info on how long it took you to learn coding to become employable,” one LinkedIn user asked. from November 2021 only,” the man replied. “This is amazing. It’s hard work and dedication that worked for you, plus great credit for the not-so-casual advice you received. I wish you luck on your engineering journey and hope you inspire others to follow your path,” another said. “Inspirational. Hard work always pays off. Always be grateful today for where you are. Your patience and consistency have made you a successful person. Soon you will achieve other goals. Congratulations,” commented a third “Truly inspiring! It proves that it only takes courage, dedication, sincerity and commitment to achieve large-scale success. Long way to go,” wrote a fourth.

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