8 tools and platforms to build an app without coding

Everyone knows the power of technology; guy starts a business in his garage, creates a new app, becomes wildly successful. We love the stories of outsiders and the mountains they climb to be successful. For the average entrepreneur, launching a new app is daunting. That is until countless programs decide to break down the coding barrier and allow virtually anyone to build, plan, and launch their application or website without a line of code.

Whether you want to launch a new website or just want to build a new app, these codeless platforms are the perfect solution for those who want to build.


Anyone who has ever ordered something online and didn’t get what they expected can understand the difficulty of ecommerce. While some consumers are quick to risk everything, others want to see the entire item before committing to a purchase. If you run an online store, you understand the importance of detailed photographs. Unfortunately, they fail to provide an accurate representation for your viewer so far.

Scapic works to bring augmented reality to your online store. Products can present a 360 degree view, giving a realistic perspective to whatever you are selling. Advertised as the easiest way to create, share, and promote VR, AR, and 3D experiences to everyday users, it’s a one-stop-shop for your platform.


When looking to set yourself apart from your customers (by increasing your repeat customer rate in the process), look no further than Mailchimp.

Developing and developing ongoing relationships with your audience is an essential part of any startup. When looking to set yourself apart from your customers (by increasing your repeat customer rate in the process), look no further than Mailchimp. This easy-to-use system is designed to track and maintain your sales funnel with simplified email marketing. The program offers different levels of membership, with the lowest option being free for users.

You will be able to launch surveys, social media campaigns, promotional items or monthly newsletters from virtually anywhere. Review campaign success with their in-depth campaign analysis.


There is nothing worse than a good idea that you cannot implement. With apps becoming more popular, more and more businesses are turning to mobile apps to market their brand to customers. Apps exist in virtually every industry, with coupon reduction apps, financial products, or even dating apps accessible from their cellphones. This platform caters to virtually any industry, delivering quality applications without coding. For example, many dating apps, including niche specific platforms like sugar baby apps, were created and launched from the platform. As a developer, you have complete control over the end product, whether it is aimed at a small audience or a massive group.

With no coding required, developers can access a visual set of application components, creating and assembling fully functional end products. Anyone can build an app with drag and drop functionality.

Air table

Anyone who struggles with spreadsheets and databases understands the challenges that formulas can bring to a business. Airtable works to connect spreadsheet functionality with the data processing power of sophisticated databases without requiring formula calculations. They hold a continuous platform with many business solutions, with hundreds of models available for users.

You’ll be able to monitor the results of your latest marketing campaigns, track current inventory, plan your next launch, and more, all through one centralized platform. Airtable integrates seamlessly with the most popular programs and software, from Microsoft Office to social media.


If you’re looking to build and develop mobile and web apps, look no further than Adalo’s streamlined process for small businesses. Users can try the program for free, which gives you a chance to understand the performance before committing to buy something that you don’t understand. Even the less technical person can navigate the system to create a fully functional application.

Adalo offers a monthly subscription to users wishing to go further in their changing needs and hosts an active user forum on the site. Just connect with the community and share ideas, thoughts and get help from more experienced users.


A chatbot is an automated service that you find on popular websites to help people find their way. They bring a level of professionalism when installed on the site and make a website less impersonal overall. Landbot software allows you to connect and establish your own chatbot, creating prompts to guide your users.

You will be able to add your personality to chat messages, keeping your brand tone and personality in the foreground. Landbot isn’t just designed for online websites; users can access integrations from other discussion boards (including WhatsApp) to stay in touch with prospects in your business.

Gum road

Entrepreneurs aren’t just in the digital world; there are millions of creators trying to sell their products without an app (and coding experience). Gumroad strives to bridge the gap between technology and creators who deserve to sell their work. Whether you are selling a digital product (like e-books or online courses). Maybe you’ve started a new podcast that you’re trying to monetize. It also sells new applications or a beautiful paint. Gumroad strives to build your ecommerce site without the need for coding experience.

With around 96,400 creators currently selling their product with the platform, there’s a good chance it can help you launch your app, sell your product, or a combination of both.

Business applications

This platform is specially designed for small businesses, with quick and easy tools for Android and native iOS. You can also use the app to build progressive web apps. There are many features available to grow your app without coding, including mobile ordering, loyalty programs, push notifications, and monetization strategy. This platform brings a CMS app generator, with a custom system for your business to earn money from the app.

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