6 reasons to change careers to medical coding and billing

Patients transmit a lot of personal data during their visit to the doctor.

When they do, this sensitive information is in the hands of medical billing and coding professionals who make for an exciting career path in healthcare.

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Medical billing and coding workers enter information into databases and other systems to help insurance companies and healthcare providers speak the same universal language, and it can be a rewarding career and profitable.

Here are six reasons to pursue an online certificate in medical billing and coding to start you on a new path in your career:

1. You can work quickly

If you are looking to accelerate your career, consider taking a program that offers medical billing and coding Classes. You can find online certificates and associate degrees in medical billing and coding to make it easy for you to incorporate this new activity into your daily life.

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Many medical billing and coding courses or certificate programs only require a high school diploma to be admitted to the program. You won’t even need any previous healthcare experience.

Undergraduate certificates in medical billing and coding can take as little as a year in accelerated programs or for qualifying students. And with so many online training options, eager individuals can transition to a career in medical billing and coding much faster than many other professions.

2. You can save lives

The complex process of medical billing and coding requires careful attention to detail. Entering the wrong codes can have an impact on the treatment paths of sick patients, some of whom could be life-changing. When translating doctors’ reports into useful medical codes, you don’t just enter a set of random numbers. You verify that the codes are correct for those providing the processing. Catching an error potentially saves lives.

3. You can make a good living

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Medical coders and billers earn an average of $ 45,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Future leaders in this sector of employment could work their education and experience up to the level of manager of health services and take home a six-figure salary.. A health information manager is responsible for overseeing all coding work in a health care setting. They not only need to have a thorough knowledge of current codes, but they will also need to be at the forefront of new codes as they evolve.

4. You will be in demand

This employment sector should grow 9% by 2030, with more than 34,000 jobs should be added every year. As the population ages and a health-centric society seeks treatment, the field of medical billing and coding will grow and innovate, and you can be a part of that change.

5. You can advance in your career

There are various certifications and specializations in the field of medical billing and coding. For example, if you have an interest or passion for working in cancer, you can become a Certified tumor registry. Continuing education at the college level can open doors in business and psychology. Employers can even offer tuition reimbursement for this education.

6. You have job security

Health spending in the United States reaches $ 3.8 trillion in 2019, i.e. job security due to the continued need for medical care. Medical coding and billing professionals play an important role within the healthcare system and are valued for their focused skills and ability to ensure the efficient and accurate functioning of the healthcare system.

Are you considering a career change?

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If you are considering a career change, embarking on a career in medical billing and coding could be the first step in a high-demand field of employment. It’s challenging work that you can start learning right now, with plenty of room to develop your knowledge and skills.

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