3 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Understand Coding and Open Source

Does every entrepreneur know the ins and outs of coding and open source? Probably not.

Corn should entrepreneurs become aware of the technologies that are at the heart of digital transformation? Without a doubt – and here’s why.

Regardless of your industry, chances are your business relies, or will soon rely, on software to drive innovation forward. Today, developers drive innovation within their business. Understanding open source, DevOps and DevSecOps processes, and how developers like to work, even at a basic level, will help you organize teams that drive innovation from the heart.

Did you know that 99% of software in the world uses at least open source code? Indeed, the most successful companies know that open source accelerates digital transformation, regardless of the sector. Everything from having a good e-commerce presence to building an app for customers relies on great technology and people.

So here are the top three rewards you could reap by increasing your knowledge of coding and open source. And if you want to maximize those benefits, you can even learn to code yourself!

Boost collaboration and productivity

Entrepreneurs – and business leaders in general – have a lot to learn from developers. Software development teams must work closely with other parts of the organization (like operations and security) to be effective.

They often adopt DevSecOps, which involves integrating security into every step of the development process. This approach means teams can spot issues and vulnerabilities early on, fixing them as they code, for faster innovation.

Of course, technical expertise is a big part of the role, but similar to DevOps, DevSecOps is about empowering all parties involved in the development lifecycle. This way of working is based on productive interaction between people.

Entrepreneurs who understand this will be better equipped to break down siled ways of working in their business, boosting cross-team collaboration and information sharing.

Problem solving is as essential to coding success as it is to business success. While entrepreneurs can start on their own, they eventually have to work with external parties or internal teams to solve a wide range of problems.

Mastering these soft skills will allow them to have more successful working relationships that will benefit their business in the long run.

Accelerate innovation

More and more, products and services are going digital. This change was accelerated by the pandemic in Australia, and a certain caliber of digital experience is now the status quo. Australia’s tech ecosystem is growing rapidly, with exports of virtual goods and physical products enabled by digital technologies ahead. grow to $19 billion by 2030.

Why is open source so important in this context? Open source allows many different people from all over the world to contribute to a single project – and more intellectual power means more ideas are put on the table. There you have it – faster digital innovation.

Companies large and small have realized that the same culture that accelerates innovation in the open source community also accelerates innovation within the organization. Internalization refers to this improved way of working.

Using best practices from open source projects, insourcing is the process of creating reusable code to be shared within the confines of your organization’s firewall. This invites more ideas and fosters a culture of innovation, without barriers, giving developers the freedom to be creative.

It also helps teams improve code quality and accelerates the pace of innovation.

While all business leaders should understand the disruptive potential of open source, it should go hand-in-hand with creating a more productive work environment for developers as well.

To become a digital business, every organization must create a culture that empowers developers to collaborate and achieve more. Developers at the top of their game want to be at the forefront of technological change.

So, gaining an understanding of open source coding and workflows allows entrepreneurs to better connect with their own developer teams, understand how they like to work, and help them work better. And a high-performing team of developers is the best way to drive rapid innovation for your business.

Evolve safely, at the pace

Startups today are short on time, but need to grow quickly to secure funding. Open source can help them scale quickly, allowing them to “stand on the shoulders of giants” by building on what has already been built. The open source community is centered on the principle that code should be available for anyone to download and modify. This means that developers can incorporate ideas from their peers into their own work, streamlining the development process.

It can help entrepreneurs accelerate their business plans and stay ahead of the competition that can create products and services from scratch.

With more people inspecting code for errors and inconsistencies, software built on open source also becomes more secure and reliable. Vulnerabilities are continuously discovered and patched throughout the development process.

This is important for small businesses that may not have large budgets for expensive add-on security products or services, as it means security becomes “built-in”.

Taking the time to learn the basics of coding will help you and your business stand out. Much of what we do now centers around designing digital experiences, and in the current state of the world, that’s only going to grow.

Understanding and adopting open source best practices will help you innovate quickly and securely for your business. With him, the opportunities are endless.

  • Faten Healy is a Principal Solutions Engineer at GitHub

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