10 reasons why you should teach your child to code in 2022

by Aratrika Dutta

February 13, 2022

Starting to learn to code at a young age can never be wrong. Pay attention to the 10 reasons children learn to code

Coding in this generation has become a very important topic. It has stepped up the game in the tech realm. Supporting and encouraging children to learn coding at an early stage will help them develop their skills over time and help them further their careers. Rapidly evolving technology has made our lives easier. We have become dependent on technology to the point that today it is practically impossible to do without it. All of this sheds light on why learning to code is nothing short of a life skill these days. That being said, starting to learn to code at a young age can never be wrong. On that note, pay attention to the 10 Reasons Kids Learn to Code.

Develops problem solving skills

Computational thinking teaches students to break down big problems into small, achievable steps. Building this skill alone is priceless, and many of our students report that they now use this approach in general problem solving. As students learn to write code, they make mistakes, which in turn produce bugs and other unexpected results. Fortunately, computer programming is one of the few areas in which you can test solutions immediately.

Solving mathematical and logical problems

From a math perspective, coding is known for helping kids visualize more abstract concepts in a fun format that lets them apply math to solving real-world problems. Computing and coding is not just about developing a program to solve or perform tasks. It is also about solving logical problems, using the fundamental bases of mathematics.

Do it yourself

Web applications aren’t the only consumers of code. Internet of Things (IoT) devices, drones and chips require programming. Also, hardware devices require programming. By programming the right hardware, one can make robots and remote control cars at home. Today, there are many hardware kits with instructions available in the market, for children and adults, to complete these projects. Even a home automation system can be DIY (Do It Yourself). Without learning to code, programming can become complex. Therefore, coding gives access to building new things.

Builds resilience and instills perseverance

Kids who code learn to fail gracefully and learn from their mistakes. They also learn that success is often the result of hard work and many repetitions of trial and error rather than immediate mastery of a skill. Coding forces young people to retrace their steps, assess the problems to be solved, and create a detailed action plan for recovery. These are advanced life skills that can be learned through the process of creating coding.

Improves academic performance

Coding also has advantages in academic fields. Coding teaches students how to plan and organize their thoughts, which leads to better writing skills. Coding also helps students learn to structure large tasks and break them down into smaller steps, create theories and develop logic models, which will benefit them in any academic subject and in their working lives. adult.

Develops logical thinking

Coding encourages you to use logic and algorithms to create a program. Faced with a new challenge, you need to follow a logical approach to solving the problem. Therefore, it is an exercise for your brain to train your logical ability. Logical thinking is not just about solving algorithms but is also beneficial for your personal and professional life.

Teaches attention to detail

Coding projects are complex and require many individual steps. To be successful, kids who code need to take a detail-oriented approach. Attention to detail, especially in the design phase where the essentials of what is required are defined. With attention to detail, it is not only possible to make something work, but it can also lead to creating a thing of beauty.

High paying jobs

More and more aspects of our daily lives are becoming automated. As this happens, the supply gap of people with coding skills continues to grow. It is estimated that up to 1 million jobs will go unfilled over the next decade because workers lack the necessary coding skills.

Promotes creativity

By experimenting, children learn and strengthen their brains. Even when they make a mistake, they learn. Children can be creative and creativity is encouraged. Creativity is part of the process and not always part of the product. Learning Resources offers many imaginative toys to stimulate your child’s creativity.

Develops communication skills

Communication skills are essential for success in almost every aspect of life. Whether in personal or professional life, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively goes a long way. By learning to code, children develop effective communication skills because a lot of coding requires being an effective team member. To work well in teams, children need to be able to develop their communication skills and convey their messages more effectively. Whether the discussion takes place verbally or in writing, a powerful communication skill can be one of the most important assets in your child’s arsenal.

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